Re-Opening after Covid-19

Post date: 11-May-2020 19:09:54

Perfect Nails coming out of lockdown and keeping my customers safe (fully downloadable PDF version below)

I will re-open as government guidelines allow which is currently looking like early July, if any sooner I will let you know.

I hope you and your families have been keeping well, I have really missed you all and looking forward to a good catch-up when this is all over and getting your nails back in tip top condition. I will let you all know when my diary is re-opening so you can get booked in. Also, to note I will be allowing extra time for each appointment to enable me to implement the following guidelines.

1. I have completed an online Professional Beauty Industry Training Barbicide Covid-19 Certification (see below PDF)

2. If possible if you can let me know what colours you would like prior to the appointment. This means I can bring with me only what is needed and ensure they are fully sterilised after each use.

3. When I arrive at each appointment I will put on a mask, a new set of gloves and an apron before entering your house.

4. If you can please ensure you have given your hands a really good wash before the appointment. I also have a cleansing alcohol spray that will be used.

5. If possible, can you please wear a mask.

6. I will provide each of my ladies their own new nail file on my next appointment. This should be kept in a safe place for re use on future appointments.

7. My table will have a clear virus protection screen guard.

8. I will have extra sets of Clippers and Cuticle Pushers etc… This will allow me to ensure all equipment is fully sterilised before each use.

Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing all again very soon

Sue xx