Re-Opening after Covid-19

posted 11 May 2020, 12:09 by Sue Henderson   [ updated 11 May 2020, 12:41 ]

Perfect Nails coming out of lockdown and keeping my customers safe (fully downloadable PDF version below) 

 I will re-open as government guidelines allow which is currently looking like early July, if any sooner I will let you know.

I hope you and your families have been keeping well, I have really missed you all and looking forward to a good catch-up when this is all over and getting your nails back in tip top condition. I will let you all know when my diary is re-opening so you can get booked in. Also, to note I will be allowing extra time for each appointment to enable me to implement the following guidelines.

 1.      I have completed an online Professional Beauty Industry Training Barbicide Covid-19 Certification (see below PDF)

 2.      If possible if you can let me know what colours you would like prior to the appointment. This means I can bring with me only what is needed and ensure they are fully sterilised after each use.

 3.      When I arrive at each appointment I will put on a mask, a new set of gloves and an apron before entering your house.

 4.      If you can please ensure you have given your hands a really good wash before the appointment. I also have a cleansing alcohol spray that will be used.

 5.      If possible, can you please wear a mask.

 6.      I will provide each of my ladies their own new nail file on my next appointment. This should be kept in a safe place for re use on future appointments.

 7.      My table will have a clear virus protection screen guard.

 8.      I will have extra sets of Clippers and Cuticle Pushers etc… This will allow me to ensure all equipment is fully sterilised before each use.

 Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing all again very soon

 Sue xx   


Card Payments Now Accepted

posted 14 Sept 2017, 03:14 by Sue Henderson

I can now accept card payments for all treatments using any Debit or Credit card including Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

My diary is filling up for the Summer Season - Make contact ASAP to get booked in

posted 2 Jun 2015, 10:58 by Sue Henderson   [ updated 1 Jun 2017, 04:15 ]

Book for Christmas and New Year

posted 30 Nov 2013, 12:17 by Sue Henderson

My diary is already getting full please book ASAP for Christmas and New Year to avoid disappointment.

Nov 2013 - New Season Colours

posted 18 Nov 2013, 02:03 by Sue Henderson   [ updated 18 Nov 2013, 02:04 ]

I now have all the new season colours in stock ready for Christmas. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Sept 2011 - 3 New Fantastic Shellac Colours

posted 15 Sept 2011, 14:21 by Sue Henderson

I have 3 new fantastic shellac colours not yet launched in the UK bought direct from the USA.

1.      1. CND Purple Purple Shellac Polish Gel – Iridescent Azure Violet – This colour is very popular

2.      2. CND Asphalt Shellac Polish Gel – Concrete gray - This has no brown undertones like many greys have, so ideal for all skin tones.

 3.     3. CND Hotski to Tchotchke Shellac Polish Gel – Vibrant Teal

 Say Hello to the Future!!! The world nail crisis is over! Shellac is the breakthrough, patent-pending, UV-3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear colour. This visionary new product category was created to be EASY ON-EASY OFF. Shellac applies like a polish-no pots-just bottle and brush. And removal is just 10 minutes! No filing, No drills. Shellac is UV cured, so there's ZERO drying time. It's thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection. Glorious, high-gloss colours with a shine that's truly addictive!!!

Shellac on Holiday

posted 15 Jul 2011, 15:20 by Sue Henderson   [ updated 15 Jul 2011, 15:28 ]

15th July 2011: If you are going on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils or insect repellent solutions as many of these products contain DEET which will cause major damage to the Shellac colour coat.

Please use Solar Oil at least twice a day (especially at night before going to bed). 
I recommend Solar Oil which I sell at £4 for a small bottle and which is made to be used with Shellac.   Regularly using CND aftercare products will substantially prolong the life of your Shellac and keep your natural nails and the skin surrounding them healthy, moisturised and flexible. 

Latest News

posted 5 Jul 2011, 13:14 by Sue Henderson   [ updated 5 Jul 2011, 13:56 ]

5th July 2011 - Sue launches the new Perfect Nails Web Site.  Sue said "This is a great opportunity to get my message out to the girls of Harrogate and surrounding areas who can now have their nails done in the comfort of their home at a time to suit them. My focus is not on speed but top quality and as i don't have the overheads of a salon I can do this at competitive prices. I look forward to hearing from you"   

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